Technology Director Placement

Disruptive forces have a way of wreaking havoc with established business models, thus stunting developmental growth or minimizing new revenue streams.

Technology Director Placement

Consequently, director boards are under constant scrutiny to stay ahead of the changes, maintain stability with personnel, be resolute about investor transparency and remain diligent with innovative practices at all times.

The ‘innovation’ aspect covers high-tech fields, such as cyber-security, machine learning and overall A.I. measures, the tent-pole components to an industry which requires companies to process lightning-fast changes with organizational design, social-platform communication, customer evaluations and digital transformation.

Innovation-driven board members typically don’t come from groups that adhere to a traditional corporate model; but it’s also not a problem for Tyler Telfair’s connected principals.

We have the means to quickly place these dynamic technology mavens into the same room with top decision-makers, as part of our pledge of offering premium access and gold-level service to our clients.