Retainer-Firm Searches

Tyler Telfair’s custom-tailored service package can match the needs of any business, regardless of size. Our team of dynamic consultants possess the expertise to maximize a company’s allotted time and resources for combating various challenges, whether it’s a one-day commitment or long-range relationship with the client.

Our focus covers a broad range of components, such as: Managing growth-related employee measures, implementing programs promoting organizational culture and efficiency, revamping corporate strategies due to expansion and furthering comprehension with employment laws for a particular city, state or region.

For these substantial and hopefully optimum relationships, it’s imperative both parties remain confident and comfortable with the surrounding environment, given the important work that must be accomplished.

At Tyler Telfair, we promise to be the singular contact throughout the relationship between a hired candidate and on-boarding company. As such, we reject the over-played notion of retainer search firms handling the initial stages of a retention hire, and then passing the daily/weekly oversight to a different group.

Our driven, resourceful consultants will remain with both parties at every step of the journey, with the intent of keeping the partnership together for additional projects, down the line.

It’s a core issue, the stealth art of actively building long-lasting relationships.