Bringing the Brightest Minds to Law Firms and Corporate Legal Departments

At Tyler Telfair, our boutique firm of experienced negotiators, expert researchers, embedded analysts, connected legal scholars and plugged-in consultants are ready to merge the best and brightest minds with select law firms and corporate legal departments.


We also have a strong track record of placing skilled legal professionals on a project-based, temporary- or full-time basis — whatever custom-based solutions are required to fill a company or department’s staffing needs.



Tyler Telfair has extensive knowledge and experience with the seasonal competition among law firms, in terms of attracting the best and brightest minds to the Associate Recruiting program. TT utilizes its vast network of embedded analysts, expert researchers, plugged-in consultants and connected legal scholars to gain imminent access to the nation’s most decorated pool of prospective associates.  After that, our clients promise high-level duties for the chosen associates, guaranteeing tangible assignments among partners and senior associates, while challenging each junior associate to adapt to the clientele’s capacity for handling briefs and other important measures with accuracy, expediency and proficiency.


Tyler Telfair’s unique boutique structure doesn’t necessarily merge well with law firms in search of one-size-fits-all methods for partner placement. We take great pride in providing detail-oriented, custom-based solutions to our select cadre of law firms and corporate legal departments — blue-chip entities which rely on TT’s integrity-based approach for identifying the most accomplished listing of specialty partner candidates.   Our rationale for being so thorough at this stage? Every Tyler Telfair legal expert has already experienced the logistical highs and lows of partner placement during their distinguished legal careers. It can be a challenging, emotionally taxing process for all parties involved.

However, at the same time, there’s no substitute for being eminently prepared for all contingencies, when grooming or seeking out prospective partners. As such, each consultant or in-house director has the freedom and flexibility to provide principal notes or offer substantive changes to the partner-placement process, when applicable.


Changes are constant in the legal-placement market, citing a number of crucial factors (money, title, status, family needs, geographic location, work-life balance, etc.).  At Tyler Telfair, we’re particularly mindful of clients and prospective customers seeking the utmost stability with their legal careers, whether it’s mid-level associates aggressively chasing new specialty challenges, senior partners wanting to shift their substantive roles within an organization, or private attorneys soliciting bona fide offers to become the primary in-house counsel for a prominent law group.  Tyler Telfair’s team of dynamic consultants possess concrete answers to the above hypotheticals. They also have the requisite expert worldview to pose similarly helpful questions to those seeking vital career changes.

As a sample:

  1. Have you been adequately prepped for wide-ranging interviews with the new or existing firm?
  2. Is your family fully prepared to handle a life-changing move in the short-term matter of days or weeks?
  3. Would the client, formerly serving as a private attorney, be ready to divest their previous business interests or client base, in the event of joining a high-profile public firm?

From mid-level associates to senior partners and CEOs, Tyler Telfair has the all-encompassing goods to guide our clients through this rewarding process, including the finalized negotiations of compensation packages.