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You don’t need to watch countless hours of political talk on cable news to know that systemic healthcare changes are coming to America, regardless of what consequences accompany the November elections.
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These core concerns range from public-private regulations, rising prescription-medicine costs, the consolidation of coordinated care and garnering consistent access to the right medical personnel, while also confronting the vital need for accommodating an aging population that’s living longer and healthier.


Tyler Telfair’s army of accomplished travel nurses is prepared to handle any staffing shortage, most of which involve sudden changes among hospital workers — including maternity leave, personal leave of absence or debilitating injury; and in most cases, TT travel nurses would have input in determining their daily/weekly schedules with each hospital.

The above information addresses the emerging growth of travel nursing within the healthcare industry.


Tyler Telfair’s full-range team of medical experts and consultants can help participating clients weather these changes on the fly, with purpose and discretion.

For example, the travel nursing industry serves as a great boon to hospitals confronted with volume-staffing challenges, especially in rural or less populated areas.