On-boarding Academic Leaders

Tyler Telfair has made tremendous strides with higher education in recent years, aggressively identifying, recruiting and on-boarding academic leaders for some of the country’s most prestigious universities and private colleges.  Tyler Telfair has quickly put its indelible stamp on the higher-education market, thanks to a number of intimate, fruitful relationships with school presidents, vice presidents, provosts, chancellors, deans, athletes, coaches, celebrity alums and other director positions at some of the country’s most prestigious universities and colleges (public/private), with the unwavering mission of identifying the best on-boarding candidates for substantive employment.


The TT network has developed crucial relationships with school presidents, chancellors, vice presidents, provosts, deans and other director positions throughout the country.

This strategic recruiting process requires foresight, understanding, ingenuity, touchstone networking and a keen eye for recognizing talent that would immediately adapt to the exacting standards of higher education.

For most companies, ‘time’ would also be an issue for those seeking access to prominent personnel; but it’s hardly a hindrance at Tyler Telfair. We have the necessary resources and industry contacts to pair top-flight individuals or groups with high-level decision-makers in relatively short order.

All in the name of fostering mutually beneficial relationships and executing market-changing deals in the industry.

  • As such, our team of embedded experts would require minimal time to create lists of substantive candidates for any essential vacancy
  • We have the power and prestige to introduce these candidates to high-level decision-makers in relatively short order.