The transition from executive search consulting to board-advisory projects can be daunting, but Tyler Telfair has a firm grasp of this patented process.

10 Point Checklist for Consummating Board Elections

In most cases, our step-by-step system includes a detailed assessment of the company’s board composition, a comprehensive review of the current directors and a diagnostic survey of what’s needed with prospective directors — emphasizing culture fit.

  1. Identifying innovative candidates for board director stints
  2. Gauging the prospective director’s interest in board opportunities
  3. Matching director candidates with various board qualifications
  4. Analyzing interpersonal cues between the candidate and established board members
  5. Assigning qualified director candidates to various pool boards
  6. Arranging informal meet-and-greet sessions among the candidates and board members
  7. Surveying the entire board’s interest with final candidates
  8. Scheduling formal board interviews
  9. Clarifying the search, in terms of narrowing down the best and brightest candidates
  10. Formally electing esteemed candidates to the board