Tyler Telfair (TT) has quickly emerged as the standard-bearer of executive search firms, providing hyper-focused service and uniquely brilliant opportunities to its prestigious base of clients.

Tyler Telfair invokes a dynamic daily approach to becoming a substantive force in leadership placement, analyzing proprietary data models and tapping into exclusive listings of powerful contacts around the globe.

The end result: By engaging Tyler Telfair (TT), the corporate and entrepreneurial elite are afforded a value proposition that can neither be matched nor duplicated. 


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The corporate and entrepreneurial elite have already experienced TT’s full breadth of power within this high-stakes, results-oriented industry, witnessing the conception and execution of real-world solutions to complex placement problems. 

At Tyler Telfair, no logistical task looms too large, and no detail should ever be deemed too minute. 

The overall success of our entrepreneurs and partners are directly tied to the continuous acquisition and deployment of human capital, greatly supporting and enhancing the lifeblood of companies and entrepreneurs on a global scale.


Tyler Telfair serves as the go-to hub for the most discerning of executive searches, covering the lucrative and rewarding fields of finance, technology, sports, entertainment, law, health care, human resources and education.

What separates TT from the competition, outside of our aggressive pledge to provide premium services at an unheard-of value proposition, complete with unparalleled flexibility? 

Tyler Telfair’s proprietary “T-Squared Database” contains and maintains data and statistical analysis, spanning a multitude of industries. This advanced system has already yielded a slew of earth-shattering results for our prodigious clientele, quickly closing the time gaps that accompany traditional or less effective executive-search campaigns among TT’s direct competition.

This speed and proficiency leads to quicker on-boarding with specialized candidates. By proxy, Tyler Telfair also attracts the highest breed of savvy executive, knowing their career fate rests in the most capable of hands.

Given Tyler Telfair's success with converting the acquisition of human capital into an art form, why go anywhere else for this vital phase of career and organizational development? The answer is, you shouldn’t, you wouldn’t and YOU WON’T!!!

Our competition silently confronts this cold reality on a daily basis.


Tyler Telfair's innovative capabilities far exceed the initial rung of executive-level evaluations. Our broad abilities can also accommodate keynote searches for blue-chip chief executives and highly qualified C-suite personnel. 

This all-encompassing approach to handling business has a simple mission: Creating the deepest and most diverse pool of talented candidates for every search — regardless of the time and resources devoted to such a task.

And as mentioned above, no assignment shall be treated as a throw-away measure. Whether you're seeking elite-level prospects to handle the day-to-day functions of a for-profit business, or devoting insight and energy to passion projects (example: filling prominent vacancies at one's alma mater), TT’s full impact will become recognizable in a short period of time.

There are no shortcuts to achieving sustainable dominance in the placement industry. Every component serves a major purpose.

As a prime example, take our company's budding sports division: Tyler Telfair has relationships with coaches, players, league officials, media conglomerates, tournament organizers and team executives throughout the world. In most cases, we're just a phone call away from putting a prospective coach or executive in the room with top-level decision-makers. 

Very few firms can match our intimate-access potential; and even fewer possess the goods to leverage these global relationships into market-setting deals. 

That's the beauty of Tyler Telfair's boutique structure: We sell ourselves as difference-makers in the most competitive of occupational fields, without pretense or the need for hyperbole. 

The final results form our best arguments.


No firm can simulate Tyler Telfair's intimate access to major power brokers, covering many different fields and spanning countless countries around the globe. As part of this vast undertaking, we will never handle our well-connected network with negligent care.

In other words, the union of executive prospect and prolific company would only become proper once both parties share the same creative and logistical goals. Otherwise, it's merely a waste of everyone's time ... and in our business, time IS money.

Tyler Telfair also doesn't endorse the notion of a one-size-fits-all narrative to servicing clients. Which brings us to our favorite sports analogy:

When the larger placement houses generate 'template' responses for their clients, instead of detailed, form-fitting solutions, it's akin to a PGA Tour caddie placing a banana in the golf bag of his boss during the offseason.

At first blush, it's a humorous way of the caddie gauging whether the professional golfer has backed up a previous promise to work diligently during the winter months.

Upon further inspection, though, it resembles a passive-aggressive measure for avoiding the real truth and failing to realize the tandem's full potential as a golfing partnership.

At Tyler Telfair, we're not interested in communication breakdowns or passively sending messages to customers, on the hopes of lucking our way into positive results in the end.

We'll be there at every turn, motivating the clients and companies, while sparing no resource in our quest to exceed expectations on every level. 


Through the groundbreaking U-RPO system, Tyler Telfair has boosted the globally recognized Recruitment Process Outsourcing model to new heights, cultivating more streamlined methods for conquering the realms of executive-search placement and organizational development. 

This cutting-edge approach to protocol implementation quickly puts companies at a competitive advantage among chief rivals, regardless of global positioning. This proprietary service also provides significant financial and intangible value to firms that demand expert-level results, minus the obligation of paying premium prices.

Tyler Telfair operates under the daily principle of dominating its competition and garnering an ever-expanding share of the executive-placement marketplace. 

And it all starts with you ... and a simple click of the mouse


Tyler Telfair, the strategic arm of Acuity Professional Placement Solutions, LLC offers no apologies in its relentless, systematic devotion to crushing all comers in the critical investment fields of Human and Social Capital. 

Since its inception, TT has wasted little time in securing a substantial piece of the executive-placement pie, relying on innovative ideas, plugged-in contacts and rigorous in-house training methods to continually move the needle in this limitless industry. 

  • We're driven by the perpetual notion of fighting for every client and partner. 
  • We're undaunted by the challenge of identifying future stars for each corporate structure.
  • We're obsessed with delivering high-value results in an expeditious manner.
  • We're consumed with the process of creating custom-tailored road maps for our customers, all of whom require optimal tactics for strategic planning (transitional/long term) and organizational development.

At TT, there’s simply no substitute for inimitable service, flexible pricing and amazing access to global decision-makers. 

Factoring in Tyler Telfair’s intrinsic-value offerings, we also have the requisite firepower to change, enhance and powerfully unleash our clients’ full potential in the most positive of ways.